J.Shine is quickly emerging as one of the most creative artists of the 21st century. His edgy and boundary pushing original art is admired and appreciated by fans and contemporaries world wide.

J.Shine was born in New York City in 1981. From an early age his fascination with graffiti laden freight train cars and buildings was endless. Family outings would frequently include these venues and the intrigue with this medium chosen by artists across the land rapidly grew into a passion.

Although art has been created in the streets for centuries, the culture of street art in our modern society remains the most underrated of all art forms. Lately however, it is being recognized nationally by art connoisseurs. Street art never had the exposure that it has had recently.

As an accomplished artist, J.Shine indulges himself in true street art compositions with great emphasis on detail. The extraordinary combinations of shapes, colors, and themes are derived from skills honed during the past 20 years by this incredibly diverse and talented American artist.

Having exhibited his art domestically and abroad during the past few years has only increased his drive and expanded his portfolio to include some unique pieces. Most of his creations are limited edition, one of one original.